Web Site Privacy, Security and Marketing, Part II

Grab the customers’ attention to peak their interest in the products being sold. Standard marketing practices can be applied as well as many online techniques that have become popular. The key is to prepare an informed marketing plan to be used as a compass to maintain focus as new marketing opportunities arise.

A situational or S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis must be investigated and should include information on current opportunities and characteristics of the e-market, factors affecting success, a competitors’ analysis, legal, social, and technological factors as well as possible problems that may arise.

Do not forget to address the strengths and weaknesses of the current company. Tactical marketing choices are numerous and need to be evaluated for application and consistency. Keeping this information in mind will ensure that strategic focus will evolve as the site is developed. Strategies regarding pricing, distribution, price, and promotion are an important part of the process.

Once the needed information is gathered, several marketing techniques can be used to optimize the site’s effectiveness. Building a mailing list using information collected is a way to begin a customer-based marketing program. This can be done through a sign up area on your home page where visitors can opt-in.

Online newsletters or e-zines and e-mail advertising can be offered using a double opt-in, opt-out procedure. This means that the customer must acknowledge to you two times that they are interested in receiving your communications. The communications must also include an opt-out choice so customers can discontinue participation.

How To Make Lead Generation Easy For Your Business And Drop Your Lead Supplier Like A Bad Habit

The intent of this article is to assist you in generating your own high-quality leads for your business so you never have to rely on a lead vendor again!

During my time in the network marketing, mlm, and direct sales industry, I’ve observed (and have experienced) great failure as well a great success. One of the biggest differences between the two, stems from ones ability to generate high-quality, cost effective leads.

Every success that I have experienced in this industry (whether personally or as an observer of others) has come from learning the appropriate skills of online and offline lead generation.

That being said, this article will get right to the point.

Here Are The Key Components Of Online Lead Generation That Will Dramatically Transform Your Business;

1. A Powerful Website

You must have a website that stands out above the rest. If your website looks the same as the other websites that are in your specific industry, then your visitor has no compelling reason to buy from “you”. That said, your website must reflect you, your product, or your service as a leader in your specific industry, and must give the visitor key benefits of doing business with you. If you do not have a specific skill that is in high demand, then I suggest finding someone you can learn from so you can add value to others. This will make you irrisistably attractive to the people who are searching for your product or service. The more value you can offer someone, the higher number of leads you will have, and consequently, the more money you will make.

For example;

Most entrepreneurs in mlm, network marketing, or direct sales have a difficult time generating enough high quality leads to run a successful and profitable business. If generating leads is your strong point, then you would certainly have value to a very large population who are in a home business today. People who would gladly pay you to teach them this highly sought after skill. That said, this would be a very strong benefit that you should incorporate into your website.

2. Advertising To Your “Target Market”

Advertising to the “right market” is another category that most people struggle with. This can be a difficult topic for the new business owner, which drives them into purchasing leads for their business. I’m not saying that purchased leads cannot add value to your business, but when you place your offer in front of people who are searching for your offer, then the business building process is so much easier. It’s a lot better than just throwing mud at the wall and waiting around to see what sticks!

For example;

Placing a business opportunity in front of someone who is looking to purchase a new car or signed up to receive a free waffle iron, is not half as effective as placing a glass of water in front of someone who’s in desperate need to quench their thirst. Catch my drift?

3. Mass Media Advertising

If you are not using the internet to advertise your product or service, then you are severely affecting the bottom line of your business. There are many applications on the internet that can be used to generate leads for your product or service. Applications such as, pay-per-click, press releases, articles, social networks, and video advertising. Any other practice to generate leads for your business is simply old school methods that no longer hold value or credibility.

Bottom line; You only have so many family members, friends, and people in your local community to advertise your product or service to. With the internet on the other hand, you have the entire world as your potential customer base. If you don’t know how to advertise on the internet, I suggest finding some who does and learn from them. It will be well worth your time and investment to learn this extremely valuable skill. With the internet, your website could literally be in front of millions of people per day.

4. Strong Ad Copy

Some would say the internet is too saturated to offer a specific product or service to a target market. However, with some creativity, you can beat your competition and get more leads than most home business owners could ever dream of.

For example;

You can go to any search engine and see 5 to 10 ads that all have the same theme. Which one do you click on? That is precisely what your visitors would be asking themselves! After they have clicked on 3 ads that appear the same, they are off the page in a heart beat using a different search criteria.

Your goal is to set yourself apart from the crowd by writing an ad that strikes the interest of the viewer. Instead of writing “CEO Income From Home (like most home business owners do),” write something like this “Dad Gets Rich With Kids”. Not only would this stand out from the common theme that you see on the internet today, but you’ll get a higher click through rate and be rewarded by the search engine provider. As a result, you’ll get a significantly lower cost per click because more people are clicking on your ad vs. the other ad that are on the same page.

Which ad would you click on?

Once you have a high click through rate on your ads, make sure you are offering more benefits than everyone else and you’ll have plenty of leads for your business opportunity. Consequently, you’ll have more sales because you hold the value that others can benefit from.

Oh, one last point….

Make sure your ads are congruent with the headline of your web page. You do not want your visitors clicking on your ads, and then feeling as if they were redirected somewhere else. Always keep the theme congruent!

Hope this helps.

Make It A Great Day!

You certainly deserve it.

Ed Mercer

Darren Gaudry – Founder Of My Internet Business And Man Of Integrity

Darren Gaudry is the founder of My Internet Business which was just launched less than two weeks ago. He is a man who is said by all fellow team members to be one of integrity.

Prior to the Launching of My Internet Business, Darren Gaudry achieved tremendous success in helping people via the Passport to Wealth. This is a humanitarian project which reaches out to those less fortunate.

In addition Darren and his wife Katie have taken several trips to the Island of Cabu which they paid for out of their own pocket. These trips were missionary outreaches to the homeless people of the Philippines.

Darren Gaudry and family has also fed over 1,000 unfortunate people every single week from profits of their internet business. They even physically visited people camping out right in the streets in order to relieve them of their hunger.

In addition to feeding the unfortunate, Darrin Gaudry and others helps provide dental care to the children and families of the Eastern World. In addition, they assisted poor families with provision of better housing-as opposed to the one-room poorly-constructed shacks most resided in.

In addition Darren Gaudry’s ministry efforts were designed to help prevent children from having to work for long hours finding items in the trash to sell to raise money for their families.

In addition, Gaudry’s ministry efforts has helped provide camper beds to children who slept on hard concrete. This is all still done through a ministry called Cebu Mission, and they are located on the Web at CebuMission.org. He also markets powerful reading material such as “Selling your Way to your First Million”, “PLR Profit Formula”, and “Craigslist Exposed”.

He also operates several websites, one of which is located at a domain that includes his first and last name. All of the sites he owns includes video which will help you learn more about him and every financial opportunity he has ever promoted.

My Internet Business is the latest of all programs that Darren Gaudry has helped establish. It was just released as of April 3, 2008, and is marketed as an all-in-one automated marketing system.

Users set up their own internet business using the MIB system in order to earn passive profits. It takes work to set this system up at first but then once it is well-established the profits start rising, and it is all money that is earned for which no work is required.

More importantly, My Internet Business can be set up in a way where users will not be required to make any cold calls. A professional sales team supports every member of this valuable money-making system.